April 1867

With Easter being very late, the Lent Term did not officially end until Saturday, April 20. However, there was no official Easter holiday although boys were allowed to go home until Thursday, April 25 and the School magazine noted that “a great number availed themselves of the permission” with only those living further afield remaining.

On Saturday, April 27 the Bishop of Winchester held a confirmation service in St Nicholas’ Church in the Village for 29 boys. Afterwards, “members of the School and most of the gentlemen and ladies of the village and neighbourhood” walked up to the School Dining Hall (at that point still what is now the Williams Library) where part of Handel’s Messiah was performed.

The Summer Term officially started on Monday, April 29 and was marked by the arrival of 15 new boys.

Cricket had commenced on April 18, shortly before the end of the Lent Term, and the main pitch on the Common had benefited from significant investment from the School which had allowed for an expansion of the area used which was now bordered by chains. The first game of the season took place on Tuesday, April 23 against an XI raised by Mr Napper, the Village and School doctor. As this game was scheduled during the time many boys were away for their short break, it has to be assumed that the cricketers were not allowed home. The School won easily, scoring 116 and then bowling out Napper’s XI for 45 and 25, Hadji Stevens taking 12 wickets. Joseph Merriman, the Headmaster, played for the School.