November 2015: objects

Original Cranleigh School Order of Service

Chapel Programme

On July 21, 1869, the Chapel was formally opened by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The original programme from this day survives and was reproduced in the order of service for the 150th celebrations in September 2015.

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Swagger Stick

By the time World War One broke out the OTC was compulsory for all those over 14 and the handful of boys who were appointed officers carried considerable authority within the School. They were, until the 1920s, also armed with a swagger stick, a short staff which has its origins in Roman times when centurions carried them as an emblem of office.

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Cranleigh Buttery Ticket

Buttery Ticket

The Buttery, a bar for the Upper Sixth, was introduced in 1971. Payment was for a time by purchase of a ticket, a system which avoided having to look after cash and which also, in theory, enabled alcohol intake to be strictly monitored.

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Wallace Hester pencil drawing of the Quad at Cranleigh


A number of sketches and paintings of the School have been produced for sale over the years, perhaps the most impressive coming between the wars.

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