August 2015: objects

Cranleigh School Sundial


Installed on the East wall in 1895, with the motto Pereunt et Impunantur (from the Roam poet Martial and translated as ‘(the sun’s days) perish and are put to account’.

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Spy Door

A curious feature of Hall is the spy door halfway up the west wall. Tradition has it that it was inserted by Woodyer, who had included this feature in other buildings, to enable the matron to keep watch from her rooms on the boys below, or possibly to check there was nothing untoward happening involving the maids.

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The Clock Tower at Cranleigh School

The Clock Tower

The clock tower was built in 1870 but the clock itself was not installed until 1874 presented by Cuthbert Peek, brother of Sir Henry Peek who had funded the Chapel.

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