David Elliott


David Elliott (East 1936)


A conscientious objector who went on to win the Military Cross, subsequently becoming a influential governor of the School


David Elliott holds the unique distinction of having been caned after leaving (he was caught on the last night and summoned back after the end of term for his punishment).

A conscientious objector at the start of World War Two, as a stretcher bearer at Dunkirk his experience led him to take a more active role.  He served distinction, seeing action in the Western Desert, Italy, and Europe, and being awarded the Military Cross and bar.  On being demobbed – by which time he was a major – he returned to run the family farm at Whipley Manor and involved himself wholeheartedly in the local community.

He served on the governing bodies of Cranleigh and St Catherine’s for more than 40 years and was one of the pioneers of riding at Cranleigh after the closure of the farm. He is commemorated at Cranleigh by the Elliott steps outside the north entrance to the Quad.